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The Trans-Siberian makes all other trips seem like once around the sand-box on Thomas the Tank Engine. Not to be outdone are the metro stations of Moscow, with their bas-reliefs, stuccos and mosaics of Soviet patriotism.

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Blood on the Sand

Bull fighting isn’t for the faint hearted and, some would argue, shouldn’t be for the stout hearted either. Lenesça and I saw our first (and only) corrida de toros in Oaxaca, Mexico, and even though we knew the bulls died…

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Dressed to Kill

Dressed in iridescent blue huipile, a young Mayan highlander at the local market in Santa Catarina Palopo (Guatemala) clutches two roosters as her mother negotiates with the buyer. She won’t get much. There are leather shoes more tender than these…

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Eagle Hunting

Hunting bunnies with eagles is not for everyone because generally speaking, things turn out pretty poorly for the bunnies. Steph and I met the eagle hunter pictured opposite in Mongolia. The deal we struck was that we would provide a…

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Children Carrying Water – Trobriand Is

Helping out around the house, carrying water is left to the kids on the Trobriand Islands, east of the PNG's main island. Even the smallest helps out. Small kid – small bottle, big kid – big bottle. Much like the…

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Konmal Tribesman

You have a little something on your lip. This guy has tied a couple of boar tusks under his nose to look fierce although his friendly grin is not helping in that regard. Proud to be photographed and representing the…

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Tari Wigman

Don't touch the do! Seriously. These guys spend years growing their hair to weave magical wigs that will last them a lifetime. No sex, some serious taboos, a strict diet and a whole lot of grooming go into growing a…

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On the Road in Mongolia

Researching the Guide to Mongolia for Lonely Planet is a dream job. This is a typical day at the office when I'm researching. Driving through some spectacular scenery that few ever get to visit. The car is not mine -…

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Getting Around – Mongolia Style

Adding a splash of colour to this featureless stretch of the Gobi Desert and proving the point that sidecarts are cool, no matter where you are, this family heads home after a day in town. I particularly like the way…

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Chimbu Mudmen

The tribesmen of Chimbu are famous - well at least in Papua New Guinea - for their 'mudmen' look. When every other tribe are going hard out in feathers and leaves, these guys have opted for a more earthy (literally)…

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Scars On-tum Woman

Whipped Hamer woman in Tumi

The scars on this woman are wore with pride. She was whipped with a slender stick when her son or another close younger male became a man in the Jumping of the Bulls ceremony. The young guy runs across the…

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Village In Nam Ha NPA, Laos

Trekking in Laos

Debbie and I stayed in this village after a trek in the Nam Ha NPA. The villages in the area take turns on hosting trekkers as a way of suplementing their income although I had the feeling that not everyone…

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Bridges in Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng is a great place to photograph because of the limestone karsts that pepper the countryside. Most backpackers who visit this part of Laos are here for the tubing on the Nam Song. The accepted practice is to hire…

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Omo Valley Boy, Ethiopia

Ethiopian boy

I snapped this little guy who was hanging around waiting for the empty water bottle (which he duly got). He was real shy and didn't say anything - not that I can speak Amharic anyway. When I zoom in on…

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Men With Lamps, Jijiga, Ethiopia

Evening chat in Jijiga

Jijiga is a little town near the border of Somaliland and the cross border trade is what keeps this place alive. There's not much to do here - it's hot, dusty and full of camels. I got to drink camel's…

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