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Welcome home - or at least, welcome to my homepage.

This site has turned out more autobiographical than I first intended. Initially it was only meant  to be a postscript to my book Roam: The Art of Travel but since then it has morphed into an online portfolio of my design work and a place where I share my photography with friends. Whatever the reason that you brought you here, please forgive the autobiographical nature of my site. I’ve always felt that many people who write autobiographies must be fairly arrogant. My only excuse for such vanity is that if I had to wait until reminiscence was justified by achievement, I might have to wait for ever.

And, as for those webpages where I offer advice. Well we all know that advice is like an STD – nobody wants it, but everyone is happy to pass it on.

Baby, baby, it’s a wide world

Photography and tales from around the world – almost all of them are true.