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Roswell – the Ruth is out there

In 1947 a ‘weather balloon’ crashed near the town of Roswell in New Mexico and ever since the locals have been been making good money charging tourists to see alien memorabilia made out of local junk. In fact it is amazing what you can produce with a few hub caps (flying saucers), polystyrene (alien bodies) and some flashing LEDS (flashing LEDs). Throw in a smoke machine and some spooky music and you’re good to go. The Museum was presumably set up around 50 years ago and hasn’t been updated since – which to be fair is part of its charm.

Alternative view (written by Debbie)…

Despite what Dean implies above, the ‘Ruth’ is not as obvious as you might think… If it was indeed a ‘weather balloon’ (per official report), then it must’ve been a really special one as the Military blocked all access to the crash site and (according to affadavits on display at the UFO Museum), some witnesses went missing after claiming bodies of three extraterrestrials were recovered. As if we needed any more proof – there were even some on display at the Museum! To be fair, one of the most exciting discoveries was a cartoon on display – drawn by Greg Penn (NZ) – a family friend.

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Roswell, New Mexico, USA
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Written by Dean
Photography by Dean