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Tari Wigman

Don’t touch the do! Seriously. These guys spend years growing their hair to weave magical wigs that will last them a lifetime. No sex, some serious taboos, a strict diet and a whole lot of grooming go into growing a perfect head of hair. And what goes nicely with a beautiful hair style? Feathers and stick through their nice – obviously.

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  1. In ancient civilizations, women’s hair was often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways. Women coloured their hair, curled it, and pinned it up in a variety of ways. They set their hair in waves and curls using wet clay, which they dried in the sun and then combed out, or else by using a jelly made of quince seeds soaked in water, or curling tongs and curling irons of various kinds.

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Tari Highlands, Papa new guinea
Top Tip
Tari lies at the end of the highland road past Mt Hagen. Most travellers fly here for the bird watching and to visit the wigman but you can catch the local PMVs (pickup trucks) if tribal fighting allows.
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean