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Africa and The Middle East

Where the wild things are.

As long as you are keeping on the upside of the food chain while on safari, then Africa is lots of fun and a mecca for anyone into wildlife photography.  Although when you are in the bush, it may seem all ‘tooth and claws’, but in actual fact the most dangerous thing in Africa are the safari operators. Before you can say “I don’t want to see another damn wildebeest” you’ll be booked on a four-day camping trip around some guy’s backyard at $150 a day.

The Middle East – A.K.A. ‘The Axis of Evil’. Ohhh spooky. Actually, the axis of evil isn’t all that evil. In fact it’s full of really nice people and a great place to get carpets. My only advice, if someone asks you what you think about freedom fighters, don’t quip ‘Isn’t fighting for peace like screwing for virginity?’ Trust me.