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On the Road in Mongolia

Researching the Guide to Mongolia for Lonely Planet is a dream job. This is a typical day at the office when I’m researching. Driving through some spectacular scenery that few ever get to visit. The car is not mine – it belongs to the local guide I hired to show me around. His name is Dosjan and he owns a great little tour agency based in Olgii. If you ever find yourself in Western Mongolia looking for transport – he’s your man.

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  1. He is the best driver i have ever met. Mongolian roads are not as the roads that we are used to. But with his great driving skills we made it!

    “My company is getting bigger and bigger” he says. We had a great tour with his company Kazakh Tour. Thanks for all of his crew, special thanks for Erju.

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Road between Khovd and Olgii, Mongolia
Top Tip
There are few roads in Mongolia and even less traffic and no repair centres outside the cities and major towns. When you rent a vehicle, it comes with a driver. make sure he's an accomplished mechanic.
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean