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A Bridge too Far

3 April 2020 One of the most popular hikes in Sedona is the 5.8 mile loop to Devil’s bridge, a natural bridge in the Red Rock State Park formed through years of erosion.  Dean assured me that it was perfectly safe…

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Eagle Hunting

Hunting bunnies with eagles is not for everyone because generally speaking, things turn out pretty poorly for the bunnies. Steph and I met the eagle hunter pictured opposite in Mongolia. The deal we struck was that we would provide a…

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Konmal Tribesman

You have a little something on your lip. This guy has tied a couple of boar tusks under his nose to look fierce although his friendly grin is not helping in that regard. Proud to be photographed and representing the…

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Omo Valley Boy, Ethiopia

Ethiopian boy

I snapped this little guy who was hanging around waiting for the empty water bottle (which he duly got). He was real shy and didn't say anything - not that I can speak Amharic anyway. When I zoom in on…

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Nugget Point

Nugget Point Lighthouse

I woke up about an hour earlier than I needed to get this sunrise shot of the Nugget point light house in New Zealand. I had to scramble up a hill and sit in the cold freezing my nuts off…

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Gorillas in our Midst

This Mountain Gorilla lives on the top of what I'm sure must be the steepest volcano in the Congo, a country renowned for steep volcanoes. But ain't he beautiful? The trick is,’ explained our guide, ‘don’t show any fear. If…

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Archway Islands Wharariki Beach

Archway Islands

And there were seals too! There were some rocks just out of shot to the right that was home to a seal colony and the tidal pool served as a make shift  nursery and was full of seal pups.  You…

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Kaikorua Tractor At Armers Beach

Kaikorua Tractor

Some things just look better old. Other things, like food in your fridge and Robert Redford, have a more limited use-by date. Debbie and I came across this tractor on a beach just out of Kaikorua which is used by…

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