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Nugget Point
Nugget Point
Nugget Point
Nugget Point Lighthouse

I woke up about an hour earlier than I needed to get this sunrise shot of the Nugget point light house in New Zealand. I had to scramble up a hill and sit in the cold freezing my nuts off while I waited for sunrise. I took three photos at different exposures  (1 for the sky, 1 for the water and 1 for the land) and comboined them using Photoshop. I tweaked each first using camera RAW beforehand. I also tried a high Dynamic range shot using Photomatic but the result was unnatural so canned that version.

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  1. re nugget piont lighthouse
    hi just wondering if i can get a copy for this photo suitable for putting on a canvas. price etc please

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The smattering of islands at Nugget Point, West Coast, New Zealand
Top Tip
Best time to photograph is sunrise
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean