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Archway Islands Wharariki Beach
Archway Islands Wharariki Beach
Sunset at Archway Islands Wharariki Beach, New Zealand
Archway Islands Wharariki Beach
Archway Islands

And there were seals too! There were some rocks just out of shot to the right that was home to a seal colony and the tidal pool served as a make shift  nursery and was full of seal pups.  You could walk right up to the waters edge and they would swim over like little puppy dogs (well puppy dogs with flippers) and flop down at your feet.

The great thing about modern SLR cameras is that many can also record video as well. I’ve got some clips of Debbie and I with them so I’ll add that to this post tomorrow. You were never sure if they were going to bite and they had sharp teeth by the looks of them. If it had been warmer I would have swam in the tidal pool with them.

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  1. I’ve been there, but the sunset didn’t turn it on like it did for you. great shot. We saw the seals as well. awesome.

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Archway Islands, South Island new zealand.
Top Tip
I took 3 shots to cover all the light levels, there settings were : ISO: 100  Shutter: 1 sec   Aperture: f10 ISO: 100  Shutter: 1/4 sec   Aperture: f10 ISO: 100  Shutter: 1/15 sec   Aperture: f10
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean