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Kaikorua Tractor At Armers Beach
Kaikorua Tractor At Armers Beach
Tractor at Armers Beach, Kaikorua New Zealand
Kaikorua Tractor At Armers Beach
Kaikorua Tractor

Some things just look better old. Other things, like food in your fridge and Robert Redford, have a more limited use-by date.

Debbie and I came across this tractor on a beach just out of Kaikorua which is used by local fishermen to pull their boats in and out of the water. We had already got a great shot of the seal colony earlier so this was an added bonus. To get this shot I lay close to the ground right infront of the tractor to accentuate it’s brooding nature. By using a wide angle lens also helped with pulling the front forward and pushing the rear back. Because I was taking the photo directly into the sun I took 5 exposures in the Digital RAW format so I could capture all the light levels. They were combined using Photomatix and Photoshop. I’m going to write a step by step tutorial on how I did this very soon.

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Kaikoura, New Zealand
Top Tip
Kaikoura is great to visit for whale and seal watching.
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean