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It's not all bad – it just looks that way.

Weird Drinks

Just because you don’t have to chew, it doesn’t mean they can’t make you hurl like a Aussie backpacker at their first Ocktoberfest. Indeed, many drinks are even more repulsive than the animal that made them. For example, you might like your steak rare but could you suck blood from a cow’s neck like the Masaii in Kenya do? Didn’t think so. What a wuss!

Snake Wine

And while I haven’t tried eating snake I have drunk snake wine. Snake wine is basically a big jar of lighter fluid with a dead snake in it. It’s the kind of drink that makes you stamp your feet and flare your nostrils excitedly.

It took some pressure but my wife finally downed her glass. The stall owner maintained that in addition to many health benefits, snake wine was good for your sex drive. Kind of put a snake in your trousers so to speak.

Click on the video to see my wife, Debbie, drink a glass in Laos.