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Eagle Hunting

Hunting bunnies with eagles is not for everyone because generally speaking, things turn out pretty poorly for the bunnies. Steph and I met the eagle hunter pictured opposite in Mongolia. The deal we struck was that we would provide a…

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On the Road in Mongolia

Researching the Guide to Mongolia for Lonely Planet is a dream job. This is a typical day at the office when I'm researching. Driving through some spectacular scenery that few ever get to visit. The car is not mine -…

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Getting Around – Mongolia Style

Adding a splash of colour to this featureless stretch of the Gobi Desert and proving the point that sidecarts are cool, no matter where you are, this family heads home after a day in town. I particularly like the way…

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It Gets Weird with a Shaman

Yesterday I meet a Tuvan Shaman. (Shamanism is a tribal belief in which a person, the shaman, acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future and control spiritual forces). Most Mongolians…

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