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Men With Lamps, Jijiga, Ethiopia
Men With Lamps, Jijiga, Ethiopia
Men chewing chat, Jijiga, Ethiopia
Men With Lamps, Jijiga, Ethiopia
Evening chat in Jijiga

Jijiga is a little town near the border of Somaliland and the cross border trade is what keeps this place alive. There’s not much to do here – it’s hot, dusty and full of camels. I got to drink camel’s milk which was quite nice. apparently it is a lot like human milk. There is a stronger Muslim influence in this part of Ethiopia – most of the woman wear head scarfs and alcohol is harder to come by. Chat on the other hand is easy to get and the drug of choice. You can buy bags of the green leaves at any of the markets and most nights you will see groups of men sitting outside their shops chewing and talking to their friends. I particularly like this shot because of the lamp light. I shot the photo in Camera RAW and used photoshop to accentuate the pools of light around the lamp.

ISO: 400
aperture: f4
shutter speed: 1/250

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Jijiga, Ethiopia
Top Tip
Camera settings: ISO: 400 aperture: f4 shutter speed: 1/250
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean