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Scars On-tum Woman

Whipped Hamer woman in Tumi

The scars on this woman are wore with pride. She was whipped with a slender stick when her son or another close younger male became a man in the Jumping of the Bulls ceremony. The young guy runs across the…

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Omo Valley Boy, Ethiopia

Ethiopian boy

I snapped this little guy who was hanging around waiting for the empty water bottle (which he duly got). He was real shy and didn't say anything - not that I can speak Amharic anyway. When I zoom in on…

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Men With Lamps, Jijiga, Ethiopia

Evening chat in Jijiga

Jijiga is a little town near the border of Somaliland and the cross border trade is what keeps this place alive. There's not much to do here - it's hot, dusty and full of camels. I got to drink camel's…

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Hamer Girl From Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Hamer girl, Tumi, Ethiopia

I visited this Hamer village near Tumi in the Omo Valley (southern Ethiopia) right on sunset - which meant, not only was the light great, but everyone was returning back to the village so there was a lot going on.…

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Hamer Girl, Ethiopia

This young Hamer girl is from Southern Ethiopia. I meet her at a market near a small dusty place called Tumi while researching the Ethiopian guidebook for Lonely Planet. The Hamer are one of the more friendly tribes  in the…

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Mursi Lip Stretchers

This photo pretty much speaks for itself. While researching the Lonely Planet guide for Ethiopia I went to Omo Valley and met their most famous tribe – the Mursi. While it may appear as freaky as hell to us, it…

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