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Smiling Fisherman In Tonle Sap, Cambodia
Smiling Fisherman In Tonle Sap, Cambodia
Smiling Fisherman in Tonle Sap, Cambodia
Stilt homes in Tonle Sap Village, Cambodia
Smiling Fisherman In Tonle Sap, Cambodia
Tonle Sap Village, Cambodia

After a hairy ride on the back of a motorbike along a heavily rutted clay road, we came across this village on the banks of Tonle Sap.  During the rainy season, the lake rises and the area floods, hence the houses are built on stilts to keep above the rising waters.  Everything of value, including livestock and machinery is hauled up into the house and boats replace motorbikes as the mode of transport until the waters recede.  When we arrived the stormy weather was building and the clay road was wet and slippery and dogged with massive potholes and ruts which our driver expertly wove around.  Dean didn’t fare so well however; his motorbike getting caught in a crevice and toppling both him and driver into thick mud. On arrival at the village, we were greeted by plenty of children, all keen to meet the visitors and see what we had to offer.  They loved having their photograph taken and took delight in seeing the images relayed back to them instantaneously on the LCD screen on the back.

Considering the road too dangerous to return on (after a particularly heavy downpour), our driver arranged a boat to take us back via the river, along with the motorbikes strapped safely on top.

This photograph was taken as we were leaving the village around a bend.  I feel that it provides a good perspective of the stilt homes and the quiet and unimposing river prior to the impending floods.

Taken with Canon EOS 400D at 18mm wide, with aperture set at f/3.5, shutter speed 1/30 and ISO 320.

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Tonle Sap, Cambodia
Top Tip
The road is impassable during the Monsoon
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean