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Moonrise At Lake Rotoiti
Moonrise At Lake Rotoiti
Moonrise at Lake Rotoiti, near Nelson, New Zealand
Ducks At Lake Rotoiti
Ducks sleeping at Lake Rotoiti, near Nelson, New Zealand
Moonrise At Lake RotoitiDucks At Lake Rotoiti
Moonrise on Lake Rotoiti

This is a bracketed shot (three exposures) as night falls on Lake Rotoiti near Nelson in New Zealand. The shots were combined in Photomatic to produce a high Dynamic range photos. I plan to write a tutorial about how to do this – it’s on my to do list.

The next morning I took this shot with completely different light. These ducks were still asleep when I photographed them. It is amazing how different the two pictures are with different light and different treatment in Camera RAW software. The polarizing filter on this shot really helps cut through the water glare so that you can clearly see the rocks below.

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Lake Rotoiti, New zealand
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Written by Dean
Photography by Dean