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Buddhist Monks On A Motorbike In Siam Reap
Buddhist Monks On A Motorbike In Siam Reap
Buddhist monks on a motorbike in Siam Reap
Buddhist Monks On A Motorbike In Siam Reap
Monks on a motorbike

In Cambodia, like lots of places in South East Asia, the locals have a very flexible view of road safety. Helmets? Who needs ’em? The basic idea is to pile as many as you can on to the motorbike (children can be stacked) whilst still maintaining balance and, with a total disregard for any other traffic, rocket off into the middle of the road. Traffic lights are deemed mere guidelines and are routinely ignored. One way streets, stop signs and pedestrian crossings are also deemed dispensable intrusions onto their driving style.

I got this shot by standing on a traffic island and even though the subject was moving, using a relatively slow speed and panning with the bike – hence the blurry background. I shot in Camera RAW and tweaked it and darkened the corners of the pic.

These buddhist monks were photographed in Siam Reap.

  • Shutter speed: 1/60
  • Aperture: 5.6
  • ISO: 250
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Renting your own bike is a lot of fun but unless you harbour a death wish, don't do it in city.
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean