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Lock-neck woman, Thailand

I meet this lady on the Thai/Burma border. She and others from her tribe (Padung Hill Tribe) were living in a refugee camp in northern Thailand. They stretch their necks by wearing heavy brass coils. As they age they wear more and more coils which force down their collar bones. For the Padung people it is considered beautiful although there has been a revivial of late so that they can earn money posing for photographers. I have mixed feelings because of that about having took this photograph.

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Thai/Burma Border, Northern Thailand
Top Tip
Two decades ago, a civil war between Karenni separatists and the Burmese army caused Kayar residents to flee Myanmar into Northern Thailand. Increased tourism over the years has bought some economical advantages plus some social disadvantages as traditional cultures are eroded. It's an ethical quagmire.
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean