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Moria Gate
Moria Gate
Water flowing into Moria Gate, West Coast, New Zealand
Moria Gate
Moria Gate

This shot was taken in Moria Gate, Kahurangi National Park, on the west coast of the South Island in New Zealand. The biggest challenge – getting the campervan up the metal road to the car park. It had been raining heavily so the road had a few slips and we could hear the trees scraping the roof as we passed. Luckily it was a rental.

The water actually flows in from one end, does a subterraean u-turn and flows back outside at the other end of the cave. It would be pretty near impossible to get a great shot without multiple exposures as the light levels were all over the place. The outside being well lit, while inside the cave was pretty dark.  Unfortunately I didn’t take multiple exposures, but with just the one Digital RAW file I was able to expose it correctly for the different light levels and blend them back together in Photoshop.

Format: Digital RAW  ISO: 100  Shutter: 15 sec   Aperture: f29

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Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand
Top Tip
Located in the northwest corner of New Zealand's South Island, Kahurangi is New Zealand's second largest national park. In places it is an untracked wilderness, elsewhere a wonderful network of tracks lets you explore wild rivers, high plateaux and alpine herbfields, and coastal forests.
Written by Dean
Photography by Dean