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“Writing is like sex; you start out doing it for love, then for a few friends, and, if you’re any good, you wind up doing it for money.” – Dorothy Parker

Travel Articles

Here are some links to a few of my favourite articles that I’ve written.
Chapati the Naughty Camel - The New Zealand Listener
Camel racing doesn’t get a lot of exposure in New Zealand; it’s not the kind of thing young Kiwi mothers can encourage their children to try, but in Northern Kenya it is the sport of choice and open to everyone and anyone – anyone, that is, with a camel. READ THE ARTICLE
Pretty in Pink - Sydney Morning Herald
It takes a special kind of naturalist to be a dedicated birdwatcher, or twitcher. You need patience, for a start, and curiosity in abundance. To me, every small brown bird is a sparrow and everything else is a duck. Birds, frankly, just aren’t that interesting. That is until I saw the flamingos of Lake Nakuru, which is saying something, for in Africa – when it comes to interesting wildlife – competition is fairly brisk. READ THE ARTICLE
More Thrills than Spills - The Age
I had always been told that wildlife is shy – you would be lucky to see anything in a rain forest except trees and rain. Those same fools said that animals didn’t attack unless cornered, and I felt confident that, as we were in the middle of the river, we hadn’t cornered anything. I was wrong. READ THE ARTICLE


If you want to read about the best book my Mum has ever read (not entirely true but she does really like it) and the only book I’ve actually finished that isn’t a guide book click on the “ROAM: the art of travel” banner below otherwise click on the Lonely Planet Guide Book banner to read about my work with them.


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