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Pick a place, any place – well okay, any place I have posted pics for.


Asia has a lot going on –  ancient temples, colourful festivals, strange food – all kinds of stuff and, to top it all off, it’s a great place to photograph. Most people don’t mind if you take their photo as long as you respect their customs.offer and seemingly something for everyone. But the best, it’s their unique perspective on English. No one can butcher the language in quite the same way as Asians can. In the words of a former English student of mine, “We were lovers, but now she is my biggest enema.”

Vietnam Gallery   Cambodia Gallery Thailand Gallery

Mongolia Gallery


As long as you are keeping on the upside of the food chain while on safari, then Africa is lots of fun and a mecca for anyone into wildlife photography.  Although when you are in the bush, it may seem a place of tooth and claws in actual fact the most dangerous thing in Africa are the safari operators. Before you can say “I don’t want to see another damn wildebeest” you’re be booked on a four-day camping trip around some guy’s backyard at $150 a day.

Ethiopia Gallery   Uganda Gallery


The Pacific may have more islands and beaches than you can sling a hammock on, but the south seas isn’t all fun and games. For example there are  Australians and box jellyfish – although many believe these to be one and the same. But the point is – the Pacific is more than just an ocean, it’s an ocean of adventure.

New Zealand Gallery   Papua New Guinea Gallery

The Americas

Everyone speaks English in North America – well kind of. The service is great and the best thing, the people – they’re very interesting, although very busy. Down in Central America there’s much to do beside knocking down tequilas on sandy-white, palm-fringed beaches. There’s stuff like culture and jungles and wildlife to photograph- although not all at the same time. And as for South America, well from the Andes to the Amazon – it’s one hell of a ride – Incas, Aztecs, Mayans – so many ancient lost civilizations it made my brain hurt just trying to absorb it all.

The Middle East

The Middle East – A.K.A. ‘The Axis of Evil’. Ohhh spooky. Actually, the axis of evil isn’t all that evil. In fact it’s full of really nice people and a great place to get carpets. My only advice, if someone asks you what you think about freedom fighters, don’t quip ‘Isn’t fighting for peace like screwing for virginity?’ Trust me. Oh, one last thing – ask before taking a photo.

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