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Seals at Ohau Stream, Kaikoura, NZ

This is quite a cool spot, just outside of kaikoura in New Zealand’s South Island. These seal pups head up the stream to play under a waterfall. They are completely friendly and the day that we went, there was about 50 seal pups frolicking in the pond under the waterfall. I talk about this place [...]

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Kaikoura Seals, NZ

These are New zealand Fur seals and you can see them on the rocky headlands next to the road as you drive between Picton and kaikoura in New Zealand. In fact there are so many seals that local fishermen regard them as a pest, maintaining they are eating too many fish. To take this photo [...]

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Woolly Jumper

I love this sheep – well not literally of course – but check out his horns. He was in a paddock full of rams with equally impressive head gear but this one was decent enough to look straight at me. Not only a sheep like this fun to photograph, they are also delicious. The shot [...]

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Variable Oystercatchers

These little fellas are fairly common in New Zealand. The black ones like these are called Variable Oystercatchers and the black and white ones are called Pied Oystercatchers. They live on sandy beaches just above the tide line. It’s really easy to turn an all black subject like this into a black blob. I usually [...]

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Gorillas in our midst

The trick is,’ explained our guide, ‘don’t show any fear. If they sense you are afraid it only makes it worse. If the silverback charges, stand there looking submissive and unafraid.’ Submissive and unafraid weren’t two expressions I previously had any reasons to deploy together. I wondered if I could get it right. I’m a [...]

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Nile Valley Crocodile, Uganda

Crocs are a dime a dozen in the Uganda section of the White Nile in Murchison Falls National Park. They lay all over each other basking in the sun on the banks. A telephoto lens comes in handy if you want to get a good closeup like in this shot but apart from that it [...]

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